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Domestic & International Adoption Medical Records Evaluations

Let us help to reduce the Adoption Stress for you and you family.

Addressing the Needs of Domestic and Internationally Adopted Children

Our Domestic & International Medicine Adoption Program is designed to help adopting parents navigate the medical, social and psychological aspects of the adoption process, while giving you the tools and knowledge  in order to help you make the right decision for your family. We provide pre-adoption evaluations and medical reviews (once a child has been identified) for children from countries all over the world, as well as general Pediatric care afterwards.

Our Adoption Physicians have  expertise in adoptive children with special needs, including fetal alcohol syndrome, HIV, cerebral palsy, cleft lip and palate, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other medical and behavioral disorders in adopted children. 

Pre-Adoption Consultations and Medical Reviews

Prior to adopting your child, our international adoption medicine experts can help you:
  • identify potential medical issues based on a child’s geography and care setting
  • review medical records and photos that have been provided (once a child has been identified)
  • help you determine potential long-term medical care needs and challenges
  • provide on-call telemedicine and support during adoption-related travel
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Post-Adoption Evaluations

These evaluations are typically covered by insurance and would include:
  • 3–4 visits to our office on Long Island New York with your child and family
  • determining any prescription, immunization and medical equipment needs
  • referrals to other specialists if needed to help come to a specific diagnosis. 
  • the creation of an individualized long-term care plan for your child and family.

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Long Term Pediatric Care

For patients that live on Long Island New York, after the formalities of the Post Adoption Evaluation are officially completed. General Pediatric Care is offered by the same doctors in our Private practice in Commack and Bayshore.

Routine Check Ups
Acute & Urgent  Care
Chronic Care
General Pediatric Care
ADHD Evaluations
Asthma Clinics
Pediatric Weight Management


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Online Education Classes

These will be coming soo.

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Adoption Medical Articles

Visit our catalog of Articles written by the adoption Physicians in response to questions made by parents like you.

Ask The Doctor!

If you have any medical questions related to domestic and International adoption please write us.

The Adoption Doctors Story

Our doctors provide International Adoption Medicine for the  Private practice sector, available to anyone with a computer and telephone. We are not an adoption agency and we do not place children. It is because of this, that we are able to provide unbiased medical evaluations. Our Pre-Adoption medical record service was designed to be an educational and support program for adoptive parents.

Our goal is to educate adoptive parents using the sometimes limited medical information available about their child. It is this knowledge that empowers adoptive parents them to make an educated decision, and not just take a leap of faith. We never tell families which child to adopt and we do not pick out children.

Worlds of innovation

Adopting a child can be a exciting and a stressful time in anyone life. Do not let medical terminology or inconclusive medical records hinder your decision. Let us help you investigate and decipher. There are many subtle words on reports that sound scary to a prospective parent, and are trivial to a medical professional,  and there could be things that a agency or parent do not see that are vital to the risk assignment.

Adoption Medical Articles

Read our catalog of Adoption related articles written by our medical professionals. Topics are derived from Adoptive parents like you that posted a question. 

Medical Archives

Adoption Education Classes

Knowledge is power. Learn as much medical information as you can before receiving you Adoption referral. This way when it does arrive you can better understand the individual situation and your visit with us will be less stressful.

“Adoption is a leap of faith, but with education, knowledge and a great team by your side, this can become a calculated leap of faith”

Location is everything

For those families that live on Long Island, Post Adoption Medical Evaluations are performed by our Physicians’ in our Private offices .

We are also General Pediatricians, and we manage all aspects of Pediatric Medicine from Adoption to bread and butter general Pediatrics, illnesses and check up.  

After your child is determined to be healthy, we will keep your child in our Pediatric office as a regular patient.

Meet the Adoption Doctors Team

George Rogu M.D.



Dr. Rogu practices on Long Island, New York, with the rest of the staff of Adoptiondoctors.com. He is an integral part of the educational component of its services. He is the founder of the

AdoptionDoctors.com, he coordinates the medical information provided in the Ask the Adoption Doctor section. He lectures on various topics pertaining to Adoption Medicine to support groups and adoption agencies.

Founder of Adoptiondoctors.com

Paul Lee M.D.

Medical Drector

Dr. Paul Lee is also a Specialist in International & Domestic Adoptions. He can provide medical reviews of any health information,video files and pictures.
He is also a Specialist in Pediatric Infectious Diseases as well as a Emergency Room Physician

He offers a travel preparatory consultation for families to provide simple management guidelines for common medical problems encountered and basic childcare needs.

Medical Director of Adoptiondoctors.com

Nicholas Rogu M.D.

Adoption Specialist

Dr. Nicholas Rogu is our newest member of the team.
He sees children in an office setting, consults with families regarding pre-adoption evaluations, and performs comprehensive post-adoption pediatric care and ADHD evaluations.

James Reilly M.D.

Assistant Director

Dr. Reilly is the Assistant Medical Director. He is a Board Certified General Pediatrician. His medical practice consists of general pediatric medicine, Urgent care, and Preventive medicine. Dr. Reilly provides specialized services catering to adopted children, as well as performing formal ADHD evaluations.

Leslie Zindulka

Adoption SOcial worker

Ms. Leslie Zindulka, L.C.S.W.-R is a New York State licensed clinical social worker with over a decade of experience in the adoption field. She received her undergraduate degree in Social Welfare from SUNY Stony Brook

Dr. Mark Lerner


Dr. Mark Lerner is a clinical psychologist who focuses on helping people during and in the aftermath of traumatic events. Since a significant number of adoptive children have been exposed to traumatic experiences,

Medical & Psychological concerns with International Adoptions

Effects of Orphanages on the Medical Health of Children

Adoption Travel and Transition of the Adopted Child

Our website is a compilation of Medical and Educational experiences.

If you decide request a pre-adoption evaluation you will need to fill out the Pre-adoption.

As the adoption community prepares itself for Hague Accreditation, the professional staff.

After speaking with Adoption Agency Directors, I came to the conclusion that with the 2007 Hague


Our doctors provide International Adoption Medicine for the Private practice sector, available to anyone with a computer and telephone. We are not an adoption agency and we do not place children. It is because of this, that we are able to provide unbiased medical evaluations.

Our Pre-Adoption medical record service was designed to be an educational and support program for adoptive parents.


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