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Adoption Resources

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Adoption Referral Prep

If you decide request a pre-adoption evaluation you will need to fill out the Pre-adoption

Adoption Agencies

As the adoption community prepares itself for Hague Accreditation, the professional staff

Adoption Education Classes

After speaking with Adoption Agency Directors, I came to the conclusion that with the 2007 Hague

Meet Our Doctors

Our doctors provide International Adoption Medicine for the Private practice sector, available to anyone with a computer and telephone.

Leslie Zindulka L.C.S.W

Ms. Leslie Zindulka, L.C.S.W.-R is a New York State licensed clinical social worker with over a decade of experience in the adoption field. She received her undergraduate degree in Social Welfare from SUNY Stony Brook

Dr. Mark Lerner PHD.

Dr. Mark Lerner is a clinical psychologist who focuses on helping people during and in the aftermath of traumatic events. Since a significant number of adoptive children have been exposed to traumatic experiences,

Nicholas Rogu M.D.

Dr. Nicholas Rogu recently joined the staff of He was trained in pre-adoption medical records evaluations by our experienced adoption medicine doctors, James Reilly M.D.

Client Testimonials

“Comment: Dr. Rogu was very responsive during our trip to Russia to evaluate the children for adoption. We were able to send E-mail at night and have responses the next day. His explanation of issues were very clear. His input was key to allowing us to make an informed decision”
James Young
“Thank you very much for all of your help with our referral. We truly appreciate how fast you were able to get us our evaluation. We feel 100% better after speaking with you yesterday.”
Kim & Davis Prudhoome
“Comment: Our agency sought a consultation from Dr. Rogu, regarding a child we expect the birth mother to relinquish to us. He was extremely prompt, candid, and thorough, answering all our questions. We will consult with him in the future and will definitely refer clients and colleagues to him.”
Iris Arenson-Fuller
“When I received the medical report, I felt at first very apprehensive about the diagnoses made. But due to Dr. Rogu 's very comprehensive and clear explanations I was able to view the situation in a completely different light and accept the referral with all my heart.”
Ursula Valero
“RAD is a common yet under diagnosed entity in internationally adopted children. Could you explain this condition ?”
Nicholas Rogu M.D.
Attachment Conditions & Disorders
“You have introduced Adoption Stress. Is this the same as Post-Adoption Depression?”
Adoption Stress