Self-Care Essentials for New Parents

Self-Care Essentials for New Parents As a new parent, you hardly have time to catch your breath, let alone indulge in a self-care pampering session. However, you can’t give your baby the care and love she deserves if you’re not taking care of yourself too. That means you have to find time for self-care, even […]

Getting Back to School Tips

Back-to-School Tips for Parents: Getting Back on Track Back-to-school means it’s time to get ready for homework, field trips, football games, and science fairs. While some kids become really excited by the prospect of hitting the books again, not all children are so keen on going back to school. No matter which side of the […]

Post Adoption Peculiar Behaviors

Post Adoption Peculiar Behaviors I have heard that many Institutionalized children exhibit many peculiar behaviors shortly after arriving home. Can you described some of these behaviors and what does a new adoptive parent need to do to help over come these behaviors? Many peculiar behaviors can be observed immediately post-adoption in many internationally adopted children. […]

How to Help Your Child Fall and Stay Asleep

How to Help Your Child Fall and Stay Asleep Bedtime battles are no joke. Somehow children who are usually sweet and loving can turn into crazed tornadoes once bedtime rolls around. The combination of exhausted parents and tired children can sometimes create an explosive atmosphere that turns bedtime into a battleground.  But, as the parent, […]

Post-Adoption Medical Examination

The Post-Adoption Medical Examination In the USA, generalized routine laboratory screening of healthy children is not standard of care. In children that are internationally adopted, extensive screening tests are performed because of a multitude of reasons. These screening tests are recommended by the Pediatric Red Book of Infectious disease and the Academy of Pediatrics. It […]

Institutional Autism, secondary to orphanage living

Institutional Autism, secondary to orphanage living conditions. Many children who are available for international adoption have either been placed in hospital-run orphanage or a classic institutional care setting for a multitude of reasons. These reasons range can from illness or untimely deaths of biological parents, to the parents’ inability to care for the child’s basic […]

Child tested positive for syphilis at birth?

“My referral’s medical info states that the child tested positive for syphilis at birth?  What further questions should I ask – can I still consider this referral?” A diagnosis of congenital syphilis is very difficult to establish because clinical signs of infection may not be apparent and many times the blood tests are unreliable. Syphilis […]