Adoption Doctors

George Rogu M.D. and James Reilly M.D., are both board certified in general  Pediatric Medicine and have offices, located on Long Island New York, Exit 52 on the Long Island Expressway. Over the years in Private practice, they both  have taken care of many foster children and of  children who were domestically and internationally adopted.

Idea Behinde Adoption

Being that Dr. Rogu has a Romanian ethnic background, he has taken a particular interest in children adopted from the Eastern European countries (Romania, Russia, Moldova, and the Ukraine) While taking care of these children in his private practice, he noted that there is some medical pathology that is unique to  children living in orphanages and that if a physician is not aware of these circumstances, it may be easily missed.

Dr. Rogu had lived in Bucharest Romania for 6 years and has seen first hand the dismal orphanages in Romania in the late 1980’s.While it was once thought that “a good breakfast and lots of love” will cure the ills created by from institutional living conditions, it is now very clear that is not completely true. Many medical problems can arise in these children, and parents need to have a unbiased resource to help them make the right decision.

A hasty, uniformed decision  to adopt a particular child at the recommendation of an adoption agency may be a mistake that they family will carry for these rest of their lives.

On this website, we have also networked with a number of other Pediatric physicians as well as different resources  whom also take a particular interest in International adoption.

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