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Why do people chose International adoption as a means for completing their family unit ?

There are numerous reasons why parents choose International adoption, but each case usually has a unique story attached to it. Some people have an affinity for a certain culture, some for humanitarian reasons,

 Why International Adoptions 

Recommended Post-Arrival screening tests for all internationally adopted children. 

It is suggested that families make an appointment with their child’s health care provider within one to two weeks after your arrival home. This will allow you to have their child examined for any contagious illnesses, evaluated for any conditions that need additional medical referrals (chronic problems), and allow the child’s physician to review the child’s immunization status.

Why Russian medical reports are the way they are ?

Frequently prospective adoptive parents (and their advising physicians) are amazed with Russian medical report. I have seen medical reports that when translated into American medical terminology almost describes a devastated child.
Russian medical reports explained

“RISK ASSESSMENT”: What does it all mean?

Infectious Medical Conditions in Internationally adopted children

For children who are being adopted from the Eastern European countries such as Romania, Russia, Ukraine, medical condition are very similar. A adopting parent and examining physician should be on the look out for the following medical and emotional issues Common Medical Conditions in International Adoptees

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Lists of commonly seen Pediatric medical problems