Adoption Referral Prep

If you decide request a  pre-adoption evaluation you will need to fill out the Pre-adoption Information Sheet and the consent form. Fill out his form online and print it out. This form needs to be initially emailed to us in order to refer the case to the consulting physician. The form also needs to be attached to the pre-adoption package that you will be mailing to us

In order to process and expedite your pre-adoption review, the following information must be completed before your pre-adoption evaluation can occur:

  • Completed Pre-adoption information sheet and consent
  • Pictures or other documents to be reviewed.
  • Video with the date at which it was taken as well as approximate age of child at that time.
  • English translation of the medical records as well as the original medical documents for comparison.
  • Check made payable to the Physician whom you request to do the evaluation.
  1. Pre-adoption Medical records
    Sometimes medical information is scarce and the desire to adopt is great. It is imperative that you as a parent ask your agency to provide as much medical information as possible.  This is the one time in life where more is better.
  2. Pre-adoption video records
    A video recording of a child can be a useful tool for evaluating the developmental milestones of a child. Unfortunately a video recording can not be be considered a replacement for a general physical examination, but for some parents that is all we have to go on.
  3. Medical Intake Template
  4. Adoption Doctors Travel Kit