New Medical Director Dr Paul Lee

Dr. Paul Lee is a pediatric infectious disease specialist and Adoption Medicine specialist practicing¬† on Long Island, NY.¬† Dr. Lee specializes in recurring or persistent diseases caused by bacteria, parasites or fungus in infants, children and adolescents. Pediatric infectious disease specialists also provide consultation to other health care professionals dealing with complex cases. Dr. Lee […]

Anemia in Orphan Children

Anemia in Orphan Children

It is a well-known fact that all children need a well balanced diet in order to assure a healthy physical and cognitive development. Children that live in orphanages unfortunately suffer from malnutrition and environmental deprivation of varying degrees, depending on the country of origin.

Persistent diarrhea in orphan child.

Persistent diarrhea in orphan child. Question: My child who is 20 months old has a problem with persistent diarrhea. He had the post-adoption medial workup and was good. I just do not understand why his bowels are so loose if there is nothing medically going on with him? Unfortunately, chronic diarrhea is a very common […]

Marijuana use during Pregnancy

We are adopting the child of someone who used marijuana while she was pregnant what do we have to worry about? In general doctors are not too crazy about the idea of pregnant ladies taking any drug when they are pregnant either legal or illegal unless it has been rigorously studied to have no harm […]