POST ADOPTION REGRET PHENOMENON The writer, an adoptive parent and social worker acknowledges the fulfillment and wide-spread happiness adoption has brought to millions of families. However as adoption becomes a widely accepted part of American life, Adoption Regret Phenomenon, is coming to light. This article is offered with the hope of illuminating this rarely talked […]

Marriage and Adoption

Question: My partner and I have been living in a loving relationship for 5years and have our wedding date set for October 2007 will this be a problem regarding adoption? Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As I am not a licensed social worker in Australia and not familiar with the specific laws governing adoptions in […]

What are some of the adoption issues teenagers face?

What are some of the adoption issues teenagers face? While it is difficult to make a general statement about such a diverse group as adopted teenagers, it can be said that adopted persons generally lead normal healthy lives that are no different from the lives of non- adopted persons. They may; however have experiences that […]

Adoption or Abortion?

Adoption or Abortion? Why would anyone put a child up for adoption and deal with all the emotional and legal issues rather than just getting an abortion, which is quick, and permanent? Parenthood, adoption, and abortion are all options for an unplanned pregnancy. When you first learn that you are pregnant, you will need to […]

What is an adoptive parent profile?

What is an adoptive parent profile? An adoptive parent profile has many names. It is often referred to as a parent profile, an adoption profile, adoption dossier, adoption portfolio or a family resume. Profiles generally include statistical history about yourself, such as age, educational and employment background, your interests and hobbies and your family. They […]

Adoption: The Elementary School Years

Adoption: The Elementary School Years First grade is when “real school” begins. Six-year-olds now have reached the age when they are required to sit still, pay attention and learn to read and write. During these years, they will gain a new sense of independence as they ride to school on the bus alone and negotiate […]

What Impacts the Home Study: Who May Adopt

What Impacts the Home Study: Who May Adopt Adoption is considered by many as a “gray” area of the law. This is a big myth perpetuated by ignorance. The fact is that statutes in all states strictly regulate the adoption process. Home studies are completed by Licensed Clinical Social Workers and are done to investigate […]

Contact Between Adoptive & Birth Parents

Contact Between Adoptive & Birth Parents One may question, is it fair or right for an adult adoptee to expect his/her adoptive parents to now associate in family gatherings with his/her biological family? There is not enough research on the outcomes of openness for those involved in adoption. That said, I guess this is a […]

International Adoptees Starting School

International Adoptees Starting School What steps are needed in order for my internatioanlly adopted child to start school in the U.S.? First 2-4 Weeks: Things to do when arriving home * Get a health examination from an International Adoption Pediatrician. * Get an accurate psychosocial-educational evaluation done in their native language. * (In New York) […]