Is Adoption Education Important?

After speaking with numerous Adoption Agency directors, I came to the conclusion that because of the 2007 Hague accreditation process and Department of State regulations many agencies have been struggling with the educational component of the accreditation process. I had spoken with some agency directors and they informed me that they have been trying to […]

My pediatrician believes that my child has Reactive Attachment Disorder.

My pediatrician believes that my child has Reactive Attachment Disorder. What can I do if there isn’t a RAD therapist within 100 miles of my home? Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is a condition in which individuals exhibit markedly disturbed and developmentally inappropriate social relatedness. Children with RAD have considerable difficulty forming meaningful, affectionate relationships. Since […]

Post Adoption Peculiar Behaviors

Post Adoption Peculiar Behaviors

Post Adoption Peculiar Behaviors I have heard that many Institutionalized children exhibit many peculiar behaviors shortly after arriving home. Can you described some of these behaviors and what does a new adoptive parent need to do to help over come these behaviors? Many peculiar behaviors can be observed immediately post-adoption in many internationally adopted children. […]

Post-Adoption Medical Examination

The Post-Adoption Medical Examination In the USA, generalized routine laboratory screening of healthy children is not standard of care. In children that are internationally adopted, extensive screening tests are performed because of a multitude of reasons. These screening tests are recommended by the Pediatric Red Book of Infectious disease and the Academy of Pediatrics. It […]

International Adoption: Risks & Realities

International Adoption: Risks & Realities Balacing the choice of adoption There are numerous reasons why parents choose International adoption, but each case usually has a unique story attached to it. Some people have an affinity for a certain culture, some for humanitarian reasons, and some because they believe the risks are less than those for […]