Question on Leukemia in Chinese girls

Reader’s Question on Leukemia in Chinese girls In dealing with the medical aspects of international adoption, the usual outcome is almost always a happy ending. Yes, there are those cases where there is an underlying medical condition, developmental delay or emotional trauma. Fortunately, most of these cases can be treated with medications, therapy or surgery. […]

Sickle Cell Disease in adopted child

What do I as an adoptive parent need to know about sickle cell disease? Is it a serious condition, and can it be managed safely here in the USA? Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease that causes abnormal red blood cells. Children with sickle cell disease can be vary from being very sick and […]

Lead toxicity in my Internationally adopted child?

Should I be concerned about lead toxicity in my Internationally adopted child? What does lead do to our bodies? High lead in the body can disrupt the kidneys, teeth, brain (seizures, attention deficit disorder, behavior problems and a decreased IQ), and the body’s ability to produce blood. Depending on the level it can have devastating […]

Thalassemia and Adoption

Thalasemia and Adoption Hemoglobinopties are disorders of blood cell structure and they may occur in many different ethnic groups, such as African, Asian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern decent. There are two major types of Hemoglobinopaties: 1) Thalassemias : which are caused by quantitative deficiencies in the in the production of globulin chains which are used […]

Anemia in Orphan Children

Anemia in Orphan Children

It is a well-known fact that all children need a well balanced diet in order to assure a healthy physical and cognitive development. Children that live in orphanages unfortunately suffer from malnutrition and environmental deprivation of varying degrees, depending on the country of origin.