Post-Adoption Medical Examination

The Post-Adoption Medical Examination In the USA, generalized routine laboratory screening of healthy children is not standard of care. In children that are internationally adopted, extensive screening tests are performed because of a multitude of reasons. These screening tests are recommended by the Pediatric Red Book of Infectious disease and the Academy of Pediatrics. It […]

Question about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Reader’s Question on FAS…   Can Fetal alcohol syndrome be distinguished by doctors and is there a test that can be performed to help with the diagnosis? Significant exposure to alcohol during pregnancy to an infant may be associated with a broad spectrum of developmental problems that can range from learning disabilities to severe mental […]

Domestic Adoption of Opiate Addicted Infant.

Domestic Adoption of Opiate Addicted Biological Mother. In the USA, opiate addiction and other drugs have become a leading cause for the removal of a child and the termination of parental rights of a biological mother. Foster care and Domestic adoptions have become  a way to remove the infant child from the harmful environment, and […]

Is Adoption Education Important?

After speaking with numerous Adoption Agency directors, I came to the conclusion that because of the 2007 Hague accreditation process and Department of State regulations many agencies have been struggling with the educational component of the accreditation process. I had spoken with some agency directors and they informed me that they have been trying to […]

Marijuana use during Pregnancy

We are adopting the child of someone who used marijuana while she was pregnant what do we have to worry about? In general doctors are not too crazy about the idea of pregnant ladies taking any drug when they are pregnant either legal or illegal unless it has been rigorously studied to have no harm […]