“Sponge Kidney” How serious of a condition is this?

My adoptive child has on the records a diagnosis of “sponge kidney” How serious of a condition is this? Most patients discovered incidentally to have medullary sponge kidney can be advised that the disorder is benign and that they can anticipate no serious morbity or mortality from the disorder. On the other hand, kidney stone […]

Reader’s Question on Streptodermia

Reader’s Question on Streptodermia I have a video and medical on a 10 year old little girl from Russia. She appears very normal and healthy. Her medical history says she has had streptodermia and acute glomerulonephritis (hematuria type). Chronic glomerulonephritis in remission. What is this medical problem? Glomerulonephritis is both a generic term for several […]

Bedwetting or Enuresis:

Bedwetting or Enuresis: Enuresis is defined by involuntary urination after the age of expected bladder control it is generally reserved for children six years of age or older. Epidemiology-20% of children at the age of 5 years wet the bed at night. 10% wet the bed at seven years, 5% at the age of ten […]