Question on Leukemia in Chinese girls

Reader’s Question on Leukemia in Chinese girls In dealing with the medical aspects of international adoption, the usual outcome is almost always a happy ending. Yes, there are those cases where there is an underlying medical condition, developmental delay or emotional trauma. Fortunately, most of these cases can be treated with medications, therapy or surgery. […]

International Adoption: Risks & Realities

International Adoption: Risks & Realities Balacing the choice of adoption There are numerous reasons why parents choose International adoption, but each case usually has a unique story attached to it. Some people have an affinity for a certain culture, some for humanitarian reasons, and some because they believe the risks are less than those for […]

New Medical Director Dr Paul Lee

Dr. Paul Lee is a pediatric infectious disease specialist and Adoption Medicine specialist practicing  on Long Island, NY.  Dr. Lee specializes in recurring or persistent diseases caused by bacteria, parasites or fungus in infants, children and adolescents. Pediatric infectious disease specialists also provide consultation to other health care professionals dealing with complex cases. Dr. Lee […]

Popular Adoption Articles

Popular Adoption Articles

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