Common Medical Conditions

For children who are being adopted from the Eastern European countries such as Romania, Russia, Ukraine, medical condition are very similar. A adopting parent and examining physician should be on the look out for the following medical and emotional issues.

The following is a list of common medical conditions and medical risks associated with adopting children internationally:

Parasitic Infections

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Developmental Delays

Premature Birth Hernias
Attachment Disorders Chronic Ear Infections Chronic Respiratory Problems
Post Institution Syndrome Recurrent Pneumonias HIV Infection
Vision & Hearing Issues Hepatitis B & C Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Learning Disability Fetal Alcohol Effect Scabies & Lice
Physical Abuse Undiagnosed Genetic Syndromes Decayed Teeth
Sexual Abuse Milk Intolerance Chronic Infections
Mental Retardation Giardia & Salmonella Failure to Thrive
Hyperactivity Small Head Short Stature

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