Note: The information and advice provided is intended to be general information, NOT as advice on how to deal with a particular child’s situation and or problem. If your child has a specific problem you need to ask your pediatrician about it — only after a careful history and physical examination can a medical diagnosis and accurate treatment plan can be made.

Adoptiondoctors.com; is an innovative International Adoption Private Practice dedicated to helping parents and adoption agencies with the complex pre-adoption medical issues of internationally adopted children.

  • We are the GO TO place for your Adoption related medical questions.
  • All medical interactions are performed via, e-mail, express mail, telephone and fax.
  • There is no need to make a live appointment or travel outside of you hometown.
  • Blind referral and support services now available during your trip.
  • Never feel like you are abandoned while you are overseas.
  • Post-Adoption general care can be performed by our International Adoption Medicine Physicians, Dr. George Rogu or Dr. James Reilly in their Adoption friendly, Private Medical Clinic in Commack, New York.

For more info:  visit http://adoptiondoctors.com or call them at 631-499-4114.