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Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I expect/request from the adoption agency and orphanage?

Just like with any type of medical evaluation the doctor needs to know the following: maternal history, birth history (prenatal care if any, birth weight, height, and head circumference, gestational age, Apgar scores), medical examinations, tests, and hospitalizations.

Ongoing measurements over time are extremely helpful to assess growth. Current developmental milestones (vocalizing, sitting alone, eating semisolid food, strong eye contact) are also helpful.

Sometimes statements are available from the caregivers about the child’s personality, demeanor, and skills. It’s very helpful if the orphanage doctors give an opinion about whether the child has any signs of fetal alcohol syndrome, genetic syndromes or any other type of medical issues.


What can I expect from the pre-adoption evaluation?

Often the decision to accept a child for adoption must be made quickly. There is a minimal turnaround time on all pre-adoption medical record documents and videotape reviews. 

Every effort will be made to return a written and verbal review of the materials as soon as possible. A written report will be sent to your home for your records upon completion. 

The report will include general impressions about the growth, developmental and emotional status of the child at the time of the recording. In addition, we may be able to provide impressions concerning the child’s overall health status. 

The doctors will later call you to go over the entire report as well as answer any questions that the parent may have.

What is the cost for a Pre-adoption consultation?

Standard Consultation fee structure: 
1) One trip adoption process . We evaluate video, pictures, medical records and provide a detailed medical report as well as a telephone review with the adopting parents.

2) Two trip adoption process: We evaluate  the initial video tapes, pictures, medical records and provide a detailed medical report as well as a telephone review with the adopting parents. We then will upon the initial visit have the parents prepare special video recordings to review the actual development of the child, and to take detailed and specific photos. Upon returning, we will review this new medical data and add it to our report.

Will my insurance cover this evaluation?

Since you have not formally adopted your child at the time of the pre-adoption medical evaluation your insurance will not cover the cost.

Due to this, the Doctors at cannot bill your insurance for the pre-adoption evaluation services.

he cost of your evaluation can be paid by check that needs to be sent with your records. 

If you decide that after the adoption you wish to see any of these doctors for medical care, we will be able to bill your insurance through our general pediatric office.

If I decide I want a pre-adoption evaluation, what do I do?

If you decide to have a pre-adoption evaluation you will need to fill out the Pre-adoption Information Sheet and the consent form. This form should be  completed emailed initially in order to schedule the evaluation with a particular Physician as well as being mailed to us with the medical records package. 

In order to expedite your pre-adoption review, the following information must be completed before your pre-adoption evaluation can occur:

completed pre-adoption information sheet and signed consent formpictures or other documents to be reviewed with your initials and the dateEnglish translation of the medical records and native language records video tape.


What will the pre-adoption report include?

A verbal report and written report: will be provided within 72 hours upon receipt of materials. 

We can often provide this feedback within 24-48 hours, depending on schedules. The written report will be mailed, emailed or faxed. 

After careful parental evaluation of the report, a telemedicine conference will be provided with the consulting physician for a duration of approximately 1 hour.

The adoption Doctor will go over the details of the report, show you the growth parameters, and assign a risk category, and more importantly answer each and every question that the parent may have. 

You will never be rush, and we will not hang up until everything is resolved to your satisfaction.