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The following is a list of basic services offered via our website and affiliated doctors.

We are a educational support service for families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting Internationally. We are the GO TO place for medical information about adoption medicine.

Pre-adoption Medical Records and Videotape evaluations

We review the child’s medical records and videos tapes in order  to better evaluate his/her general health and past medical history, prior to adoption. Our main role is to educate our families to the complex issues found on many of the medical reports. We discuss health care related issues pertaining to particular countries. We inform parents about specific problems found in children from orphanages in that country. Our Physicians prepare comprehensive reports, written in layman’s terminology, making them easy for parents to understand.

We also via a telephone consultation review the entire  report with the family.

We allow time to answer specific questions that the parents may have.

We also  give advice on how  parents can help transition the child from the orphanage to a family life.
This information is beneficial in helping the family and child, until they are able to visit their doctor for the post-Adoption examination and medical screening.

It must be clearly understood that it is not the physicians role to tell parents to adopt or not adopt a particular child. That decisions is completely up to the parents.

We  help to educate  families and empower them with knowledge necessary to make this decision a little bit easier.

Pre-adoption Travel preparation consultations

During the verbal consultation with the parents, the doctors are available to answer any questions pertaining to medical and practical issue pertaining to the particular country.
We go over what the parent needs to bring along in a travel bag as well as what to do if the child gets ill while traveling.

For those families gong on a blind referral, we help families with Internet technology and how to get data back to the United States for evaluations by and Adoption Specialist.

We guide parents on how to prepare their own video recording, and on how to collect medical information that may be helpful in the evaluation process.

Urgent medical advise while overseas via E-Mail

Verbal and written contact with local physicians abroad

  • Lists of commonly seen Pediatric medical problems
  • Post-Adoption Medical Care in Our Private Practice
  • Web Advisory Services

Speaker Services

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