Tuition and Credits

  • Medical and psychological concerns with International Adoptions.
  • Travel and Transition 101, and the Internationally Adopted Child.
  • Attention and Attachment issues, a primer for adoptive parents.
 Online Class NameCredit HoursInstructor NameCost
1) International Travel and Transition2 Hrs.George Rogu M.D.$20
2)The general characteristics and needs of children waiting for adoption, special regional considerations.2 Hrs.George Rogu M.D.$20
3)Keys To School Success1Hrs.Leslie Zindulka L.C.S.W$10
4)A Parental approach to the Pre-Adoption Medical Records Evaluation2 Hrs.George Rogu M.D.$20
5) Medical and Psychological Concerns with Adoption2 Hrs.James Reilly M.D.$20
6)Post Adoption Early Intervention Evaluation: Birth to Three Years.1 Hrs.Lilya Popovetsky
7)What to Expect After Arriving Home With Your IA Child.1 Hrs.Leslie Zindulka L.C.S.W$10
8)Effects of Orphanages on the Medical Health of Innocent Children2 Hrs.George Rogu M.D.$20
9) 1 HrsNicholas Rogu M.D.$10
10)Post-Adoption Supervision: In the Ethiopian Adoption Process1 Hrs.Roberta Kalmar L.M.S.W$10
11)Post-Placement Supervision: A Necessary Step in International Adoption.1 Hrs.Roberta Kalmar L.M.S.W$10
12)Adoption stress during the long adoption process.1 Hrs.Dr. Mark Lerner$10

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