Adopted child who is a carrier of Hepatitis C antibodies

Internationally adopted child who is a carrier of Hepatitis C antibodies. How important or significant is this information? Your question is not as easy a question to answer as it may appear. Hepatitis C is a virus which before we used to screen blood for it, was predominantly spread through blood transfusion. Someone who has hepatitis c can spread it sexually and it has been shown to be spread to family members (although this incidence is very low). However having antibodies does not mean that you have hepatitis C virus in you currently, it could mean that you had it in the past and have already killed it. To know if someone is still potentially infectious you need to do a PCR test to look for the virus itself. It is also possible that the mom had hepatitis C and merely passed on her antibodies to an infant without passing on the virus itself. PCR tells us if the child could pose a risk and that is the test you need to search out. I hope this has been helpful. By James Reilly of and