*International travel tips

International travel tips   I am journeying overseas to adopt Internationally. I will hopefully be taking my toddler and adolescent on this trip. What can I do to ensure a healthy and enjoyable trip for my family?     International travel, with the entire family […]

*Reader's Question on HIV Infection…

Reader’s Question on HIV Infection… While there is no cure for AIDS yet, doctors are now able to diagnose infants earlier, prevent mother-to-infant transmission and provide life enhancing treatments for those affected. Dynamics of Perinatal HIV transmission:1) During pregnancy 2) During labor & Delivery (maternal […]

*Adoption Stress Issues

People tell me that international adoption is easy. I would like to know what Post-Adoption issues should I be aware of that may have an impact on my family? In my experience, a majority of the cases of international adoption that I follow have a […]