Post Adoption Peculiar Behaviors

I have heard that many Institutionalized children exhibit many peculiar behaviors shortly after arriving home. Can you described some of these behaviors and what does a new adoptive parent need to do to help over come these behaviors? Many peculiar behaviors can be observed immediately […]

Post-Adoption Medical Examination

The Post-Adoption Medical Examination In the USA, generalized routine laboratory screening of healthy children is not standard of care. In children that are internationally adopted, extensive screening tests are performed because of a multitude of reasons. These screening tests are recommended by the Pediatric Red […]

ADHD behaviors results from early trauma, how is recommended treatment different than that for children living with their birth family and ADHD?

The incidence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is higher among adoptive children (see Therefore, it would be difficult to substantiate that a child’s attentional difficulties are resulting directly from early traumatic exposure. The generally accepted standard of care for children with ADHD is […]