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The vision of Adoption Doctors is to help share medical knowledge with adoption professionals and parents. With proper knowledge, training, and using a modern education platform, we can make make a positive impact on Domestic & International  adoption medical outcomes.

Modern Interactive Learning Platform

Website site offers a modern ,interactive and meaningful adoption educational experience for professionals, parents, and their families. Designed for people who live far away from knowledgeable, experienced adoption resources, and for those whose time is limited and need education on the go.

  • E-learning courses that are designed to increase each person’s understanding of the medical challenges and tribulations that could be associated with adoption.
  • Platform offers a catalog of medical articles and courses written by adoption physicians and professionals in the field.
  • We also have an Adoption Doctors community facebook group – it’s there for you to be able to interact with others who are on this journey as well.
  • We are here to help you when you need us. The courses can help prepare people for becoming an adoptive family, or help adoptive families with growing children gain new skills.
  • Another role that Adoption Doctors services is that of Education and Certification of adoption professionals. Training is provided by Adoption Medicine Physicians in the field with many years of clinical experience.
  • Our goal is to provide the training and tools they need to prepare adoptive families and counsel people around post-adoption medical issues.
  • Our courses help social service professionals to meet a variety of new and ongoing training requirements set forth by federal and state governments and professional licensing associations.

The Go To Place for Domestic and International Medical Education.

  1. Adoption Doctors offers workshops, presentations and seminars by professionals, across disciplines, who aim to assist parents before, during and after their Domestic & International Adoption process.
  2. The Adoption Doctors network was established with the intent to become the Go-to place for adoption education and related services. Our organization seeks to increase awareness via education of parents and the adoption community as a whole about the medical, social and psychological effects of adopted children.
  3. We hope that through education of parents we will ultimately, improve the quality of healthcare and emotional well being of adopted children.
  4. If you would like our network of professional to present a workshop to your organization, please connect with us! 

Virtual Medical Medical School Zoom Webinar

For Adoption Professionals and Adoptive Parents