List of Common medical problems

  The following is a list of common medical conditions and medical risks associated with adopting children internationally: Post traumatic stress disorderSalmonellaMilk IntolerancePneumoniasDevelopmental DelaysDecayed teethHIV positiveUndiagnosed Genetic conditionsPost Institutional Care symptomsAttachment disorderComplications of PrematurityFetal Alcohol SyndromeScabies and LiceChronic InfectionsVision and hearing problemsLearning disabilitiesPhysical AbuseSexual AbuseMental […]

Question about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Significant exposure to alcohol during pregnancy to an infant may be associated with a broad spectrum of developmental problems that can range from learning disabilities to severe mental retardation. In order to properly make the diagnosis of Fetal alcohol syndrome, there should be documented prenatal maternal alcohol consumption as well as some of the following signs and symptoms: