What is an Adoption Doctor and why do we need one?

What is an Adoption Physician? An adoption doctor is a physician who specializes in complexities of Domestic and International  adoption. There is normal formal education or residency training. These physicians are often General Pediatricians, Infectious disease specialist and Developmental Pediatrics. Most of the training comes […]


POST ADOPTION REGRET PHENOMENON The writer, an adoptive parent and social worker acknowledges the fulfillment and wide-spread happiness adoption has brought to millions of families. However as adoption becomes a widely accepted part of American life, Adoption Regret Phenomenon, is coming to light. This article […]

Marriage and Adoption

Question: My partner and I have been living in a loving relationship for 5years and have our wedding date set for October 2007 will this be a problem regarding adoption? Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As I am not a licensed social worker in Australia […]