Adoption Medical Record Consultation Request

The physicians of  are all board certified Pediatricians. What makes us unique is the fact that they also have a cultural background similar to that of your child’s. Our physicians have an understanding of the respective  countries language, social culture, and medical terminology.

It is important to realize that while children worldwide are usually medically similar, children living in Chinese orphanages have different set of potential problems from those of Russia, Romania and South America, and domestic adoptions.

Whether adopting internationally or domestically, we believe that a pre-adoption consultation is the best way to prepare parents for the unique challenges and joys of adoption. In international adoptions, transitioning a child from orphanage or foster care in another country can present some additional challenges which require added sensitivity, insight, and preparation. Once your child has arrived home, our post-adoption consultations are available to address any issues that may arise after adoption.

    Adoption Medical Records Consultation request.

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