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The most successful post-adoption cases have consistently been the ones where the adoptive parents were properly educated with regards to the medical possibilities that could be associated with their adopted child.

Children that are placed for international adoption are placed for a multitude of reasons. Children are never placed because they come from  a background of intact family unit, or perfect family medical histories.  Placement occurs because of abandonment, poverty, illness or death of parents, or severe dysfunction (such as drug abuse, alcoholism, child abuse and or neglect).

All of these conditions can bring a multitude of health conditions. Children that have been referred to for international adoption may have encountered a lack of healthcare and immunizations, poor prenatal care and early neglect.

Listen to Dr. James Reilly has he explains the intricacies of the Medical and Psycho-social aspects of International adoptions.

This Course qualifies for 2 Credit Hours of Adoption education.