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This course qualifies for 2 Credit Hours of Adoption education.

The incidence of ADHD is indeed higher among adoptive children than the general population. Why this is the case, is perhaps best understood by looking at the potential causes of ADHD.

Although research has not identified a specific cause, ADHD seems to be related to both genetic and environmental factors. Beyond genetic factors, research has found that environmental variables such as prenatal alcohol or drug exposure, prenatal maternal smoking, low birth weight, and lead poisoning can place a child at greater risk.

The adoptive child, who has been living in an orphanage, is potentially at greater risk for ADHD. Malnutrition and inadequate nurturing, in concert with other environmental factors (e.g., prematurity, prenatal alcohol exposure, etc.), contribute to this increased risk.

Let Dr. Nicholas Rogu explain about the medical issues associated with Adoption and ADHD.