Dr. Nicholas Rogu recently joined the staff of AdoptionDoctors.com. He was trained in pre-adoption medical records evaluations by our experienced adoption medicine doctors, James Reilly M.D. and George Rogu M.D. He sees children in an office setting, consults with families regarding pre-adoption evaluations, and performs comprehensive post-adoption pediatric care and evaluations.
In addition to his work with internationally adopted children, 

Dr. Nicholas Rogu has extensive experience in working with children with developmental and physical disabilities. He heads the ADHD Evaluation Center in our general pediatric practice. Dr. Nicholas Rogu obtained his M.D. from SABA University School of Medicine and completed his General Pediatrics medical training at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, New Jersey. Dr. Nicholas Rogu is available for pre-adoption medical record review through our online service www.adoptiondoctors.com, and for general pediatric care, ADHD evaluations and post-adoption medical care through our adoption-friendly private practice, RBK Pediatrics.