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Our courses are designed to educate and empower prospective adoptive parents with the education that they need in order to have a successful adoption.

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Easy to use online course, with video seminars, written material, and relevant quiz.

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Written by Medical Doctor Professionals, with years of experience in patient care.

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Written by physicians, in a tone that is understandab;le to parents.

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Become a better Adoptive parent by learning about the medical and psychological problems that could occur. Create a better Adoption profile with formal education.

Dr. George Rogu — Founder & CEO.

On-line educational training for prospective adoptive parents

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Medical Professional Instuctors

Classes written by Physicians, Psychologist and social workers 

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Classes and curriculum that is actually informative. 

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The instructors are so professional. I like it that the material is written and presented by Medical Doctors with experience in the field.

Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
I like it that the classes are so easy to navigate.The instructors take complex issues and explain it in every day terms.

Zasha Swan
From New York
I particularly like the video and power-point presentations. That makes it easy to learn, not just words on a computer screen.

Frank Jones
From Japan
They take, complicated and somewhat boring material and make it understandable and fun.

Jack Brownn
From New Jersey

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International & Domestic Adoptions are “indeed a Leap of Faith” but with formal education and training this can become “A Calculated leap of Faith”

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