HOW DO I PREPARE FOR THE FIRST POST-PLACEMENT SUPERVISORY INTERVIEW? The challenges facing first time parents are overwhelming.  It is because of the evolving questions that deal with child rearing, personal development, and family dynamics that post-placement supervision comes at this most opportune time, for with the post-placement period marks the onset of family and the transition to parenthood. Mindful of the pressures you face this is also one of the few times you will have the luxury to reflect on your own feelings, the progress of your child and the adjustment of your family. While adoption can be a joyous time it brings with it the awakening that child rearing under any circumstances is neither simple no easy.  For parents adopting from Ethiopia there are issues of the child’s age at adoption; genetic predispositions; past experiences; medical history and the duration of institutionalization which contribute to making your child what s/he is like at the time of adoption.  With this in mind we can view the post-placement supervisory experience as a time of learning, support and enlightenment and about what happens when a family with love in its heart shares its love with a new child.  So read through this material, understand how these meetings will be helpful to you, have pictures available for your social worker and then relax.