How to prepare a video medical record?

Guidelines for preparing a adoption video.

A video recording of a child can be a useful tool for evaluating the developmental milestones of a child and to determine if there are any facial characteristics that may be associated with any syndromes or genetic defects. Unfortunately a video recording can not be be considered a replacement for a general physical examination, but for some parents that is all we have to go on.
Video Setting:  The date of the recording needs to be documented.

  • The setting should be familiar to the child.
  • The child should know the persons filming.
  • The environment should be as free from distractions.
  • Well lit area.

Video Recording:

  • Close-up shot of the face, including different angles and various facial expressions.
  • The remaining video should about a three foot distance
  • The video should show the child both dressed and partially undressed.
  • Spontaneous movement of the arms, legs and trunk should be documented.
  • Age appropriate skills should be evoked with the help of  assistants. (ex: gross motor, fine motor, adaptive skills such as dressing, undressing and eating and playing)
  • Developmental progress can be evaluated with serial video recordings at different ages of development.
  • Engage the child in verbal interactions as well as play.