Medical requirements for Adopted child with Tetrology of Fallot

Tetralogy of Fallot is an anatomic misalignment of the heart. The abnormality is quite complex and left untreated these children will do poorly. This condition requires open heart surgery for correction. Surgical mortality is now quite low in most centers in the United States which means that all things being equal most kids do well. At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia it is recommended to have surgery in infancy 3-6 mo for optimal outcome before the children become
cyanotic (blue).

Residual homodynamic abnormalities are commonly seen afterward as well as abnormalities in cardiac function. These children require follow up also by the cardiologist since they are at risk for arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats). They usually lead fairly normal lives but their hearts are never the same as a normal heart.

How well the children do is very dependent on factors which vary from child to child. It is therefore impossible to say with great assurity what someone’s life will be like because a lot of times how someone does with a surgery depends on their personality and support.

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Dr James Reilly MD of

For Domestic & International Adoption Medical record review