There is an orphan available with a condition called MICROOPHTHALMIA. She is 18mos old and is blind in one eye. Can you tell me more about this condition? Can anything be done to regain her vision? Is this condition linked with a syndrome that may not be showing yet? Micropthalmia: Is a disorder of the development of the eye which is akin to not having developed an eye at all. Midline defects such as this are often associated with other abnormalities since the development of the eye begins very early in development. In other words something that effects the development of the eye seems to effect the development of a lot of other things in the body. This disorder can be seen as part of fetal alcohol syndrome but in my review of the literature it seems it may be most commonly associated with some genetic/prenatal insult. Without other information it is impossible to say what is the prognosis for this unfortunate child because this may depend on other factors that may only be known with time. It may or may not be associated with other abnormalities, some of which are severe. Her capacity for normal vision also depends on what exactly is the cause of her blindness this can best be told to you after an exam by an ophthalmologist. Thank you for your questions, sorry I could not be more informative but unfortunately without more information we cannot give you more than a general view. Written By James Reilly of Adoptiondoctors.com and Adoptioneducationclasses.com