*Post Adoption Evaluations for Children from Birth – Three Years Old

Post Adoption Evaluations for Children from Birth – Three Years Old

Written by: Lilya Popovetsky, MA Early Childhood Special Education, SDA, CAS

A Multilingual Development Agency is a New York State approved Early Intervention (EI) agency which provides Nassau County families free developmental evaluations for children from birth to three years old in the child’s home environment. A Multilingual Development Agency specializes in working with families who have adopted a child, internationally and/or domestically. In accordance with NYS law, we conduct developmental evaluations in the child’s dominant language. Some of the languages offered to families include, but are not limited to: Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Armenian, Cantonese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. All evaluations are sensitive to the cultural backgrounds of the children and take into consideration their histories. That knowledge, in conjunction with standardized assessment tools, provides the means with which to give your child the most accurate testing results possible.

Early Intervention evaluations should be conducted shortly after arrival. All testing is conducted in the child’s natural, home environment, with full parental participation. Our evaluators test children in a fun, play based manner using materials and tools that are appropriate for their ages. The parent is present throughout the entire assessment, contributing vital information to complement your child’s performance.

Evaluations will determine if there are any developmental delays in your child’s growth. All evaluations are conducted by NY State licensed and certified professionals who are Department of Health approved service providers. The evaluations assess all areas of development including: cognitive, adaptive, social-emotional, physical and communicative. If there are additional concerns, families are entitled to supplemental evaluations that may address nutritional needs, audiological concerns, and/or family education.

If significant developmental delays are found, all children are entitled to receive Early Intervention services conducted at their homes. Some of the services your child may receive include but are not limited to speech/language therapy, special instruction, physical therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, nutritional consults, feeding therapy, and family counseling.

A Multilingual Development Agency is a multidisciplinary agency that works closely with your child’s pediatrician, Nassau County service coordinator, and most importantly family members to meet all the developmental needs of your child.

If you are a Nassau County resident and would like to learn more about receiving a free developmental evaluation for your child age birth to three years old, please call A Multilingual Developmental Agency at (516) 730 – 5001. You may now visit us at www.multilingualdevelopment.com

Lilya Popovetsky, MA SpEd, CAS, SDA is the founder of A Multilingual Development Agency, an Early Intervention agency for children from birth to three years old in Nassau County, NY. She obtained a Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College in Early Childhood Special Education, with a dual certification in General Education. Lilya went on to complete an two educational administration degrees from Hofstra University.