Post-placement supervision

Post-placement supervision for an Ethiopian adoption is a series of meetings one of which is conducted in your home with the entire family and the social worker. Other in-person meetings may take place in the offices of the adoption agency. Reports, based on the interviews, are then filed with your adoption placement agency, adoption home study agency and the appropriate Ethiopian officials. These reports by the social worker usually include 3-6 photographs of your child, some of which are of the child alone and others with you and your family, and a current medical report or statement.
Ethiopia requires this commitment and all agencies dealing with Ethiopia must comply with this requirement. Also the Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services will only grant approval for an adoption if the family agrees to participate in this process. This commitment is therefore duly noted by your social worker in your Adoption Home Study for Ethiopia. Citizenship and Immigration Services, CIS, will only grant approval to families who agree to participate in post-placement supervision. It is therefore mandatory if you wish to adopt a child from Ethiopia.
Your agency will outline the fee structure. Due to the importance of maintaining close contact with the adoptive family some agencies require this fee along with other adoption charges be paid prior to placement of your Ethiopian child to ensure the visits are conducted as per governmental regulations. The fees vary based on number of visits and location of in-person meetings.
The number of reports varies according to your state and Ethiopia. Your social worker will provide you with a timetable for appointments. Ethiopia requires 2 Post-Placement Supervisory Visits with your social worker.
Post-placement supervisory visits may range from 1-3 hours depending on the focus and the issues brought to discussion by the family and social worker.