Fee structure for Medical Records Review.

Domestic Adoption Medical Record Review $500

Analysis of maternal prenatal records, review of medical/social history of the birth family, may consult with Obstetrician & Pediatrician. 
All follow-up records are included.

International Adoption Medical Record Review $500

Review of medical records, video file, and picture analysis. Written medical report, and telemedicine video consultation.  Anticipatory guidance on transitioning the child from the orphanage to the family, travel advice.

Pre-Adoption Blind Referral & Multistep step adoption Process $700

Review of medical records, video file, & pictures. Written medical report &  Zoom video consultation to review.  This data may be prepared by the parent by abroad. We support the families for the duration of their journey , with frequent checkin’s  and updates on new information. Anticipatory guidance on transitioning the child from the orphanage to the family.  Lines of communication with doctor is via text, email and Zoom.

Includes all updates throughout the multi step adoption process. A life link to to a doctor during your travels. Your doctor will always be available to answer any questions during your entire trip, by phone, text, e-mail or video conferencing.

Adoption Medical Checklist Consultation $250

Review your Adoption Agency Medical CheckList, and help to fill it out. Special needs, should not require a special person. Become educated about different conditions , to better understand what you can and maybe can not handle. Consultation is done via Zoom duration is 1 hour with the Adoption Doctor.

Post Adoption Medical Evaluation

In children that are internationally adopted, extensive screening tests are performed because of a multitude of reasons.  

It is only through extensive laboratory testing that a physician may:
1) Uncover a medical condition that has not yet presented itself clinically
2) Rule out a diagnosis or condition that was reported on the pre-adoption evaluation
3) Help to confirm the adequacy of treatment of a particular ailment and/or document cure.

In our private office in Commack or Bay shore Long Island New York. Call 631-499-4114 or visit www.RBKPediatrics.com This service is covered by Health Insurance.