*"Sponge Kidney" How serious of a condition is this?

My adoptive child has on the records a diagnosis of “sponge kidney” How serious of a condition is this? Most patients discovered incidentally to have medullary sponge kidney can be advised that the disorder is benign and that they can anticipate no serious morbity or mortality from the disorder. On the other hand, kidney stone formation can occur in some patients and can be a difficult problem. Its incidence is approximately 1 in 5000 in the general population. The only associated abnormality that occurs is growth of one side of the body but this would be fairly evident on physical exam. Written By James Reilly of Adoptiondoctors.com and Adoptioneducationclasses.com For Pre-adoption Medical Evaluations and Post-Adoption General care on Long Island New York, Visit us at our International Adoption Private Medical Clinic.