Blind Referral Evaluations. Do we really need it?

The pre-adoption medical evaluation is performed by an adoption specialist and is not mandatory to complete your adoption. It is however strongly reccomened by both adoption agencies and adoption professionals that this be done.
I personally feel that it is a worthwhile service because the adoptive parent is connected with an adoption medicine specialist during their entire trip.
I consider it a life link back to the United States. During this blind referral evaluation process, the parent can act as the physician and collect medical data and transmit it bad State side via email.
You can also prepare a video recording of your prospective adoptive child, and that footage can also be uploaded via the internet to the consulting physician.
The internet is a fascinating place for information sharing. We at have used it to the fullest capacity and made it available to the traveling parent. Please visit us online at, the GO To place for Adoption Medicine Education.
George Rogu M.D. CPE