The following is a list of common medical conditions and medical risks associated with adopting children internationally:

Post traumatic stress disorder
Milk Intolerance
Developmental Delays
Decayed teeth
HIV positive
Undiagnosed Genetic conditions
Post Institutional Care symptoms
Attachment disorder
Complications of Prematurity
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Scabies and Lice
Chronic Infections
Vision and hearing problems
Learning disabilities
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Mental Retardation
Mental Deficiency
Parasites Intestinal
Chronic ear and sinus infection
Chronic Respiratory problems
Premature birth

It is a common problem that little health information is available on children living in orphanages. The data is especially limited on their medical history prior to being placed in the orphanages. To even complicate matters further, the record may be in a foreign language and in medical terminology that a General pediatrician may have no knowledge of.
It is with this thought in mind that Dr. Rogu created the network of doctors affiliated with Our consulting physicians read the language and have an interest in these type of issues.

The medical risks of adopting a child from a orphanage is great. With the help of an International Medical Consultant, hopefully subtle unidentified medical conditions will be diagnosed and the decision making process for the parents will be made easier.

For children who are being adopted from the Eastern European countries such as Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and even in the U.S.A. medical conditions are very similar.